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Nuclear Theory

Title: Stochastic features of dissipative large-amplitude dynamics and nuclear fission

Abstract: Within a density matrix approach for nuclear many--body system, it is derived non--Markovian Langevin equations of motion for nuclear collective parameters, where memory effects are defined by memory time. The developed stochastic approach is applied to study both the nuclear descent from fission barrier to a scission point and thermal diffusive overcoming of the barrier. The present paper is partly a review of our results obtained earlier and contains new results on the non--Markovian generalization of Kramers' theory of escape rate and on time features of the collective dynamics in the presence of periodic external modulation.
Subjects: Nuclear Theory (nucl-th)
Cite as: arXiv:2111.02487 [nucl-th]
  (or arXiv:2111.02487v2 [nucl-th] for this version)

Submission history

From: Sergey Radionov V [view email]
[v1] Wed, 3 Nov 2021 19:28:05 GMT (112kb)
[v2] Tue, 23 Nov 2021 17:44:43 GMT (113kb)

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