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Computer Science > Machine Learning

Title: Post-training Quantization for Neural Networks with Provable Guarantees

Abstract: While neural networks have been remarkably successful in a wide array of applications, implementing them in resource-constrained hardware remains an area of intense research. By replacing the weights of a neural network with quantized (e.g., 4-bit, or binary) counterparts, massive savings in computation cost, memory, and power consumption are attained. To that end, we generalize a post-training neural-network quantization method, GPFQ, that is based on a greedy path-following mechanism. Among other things, we propose modifications to promote sparsity of the weights, and rigorously analyze the associated error. Additionally, our error analysis expands the results of previous work on GPFQ to handle general quantization alphabets, showing that for quantizing a single-layer network, the relative square error essentially decays linearly in the number of weights -- i.e., level of over-parametrization. Our result holds across a range of input distributions and for both fully-connected and convolutional architectures thereby also extending previous results. To empirically evaluate the method, we quantize several common architectures with few bits per weight, and test them on ImageNet, showing only minor loss of accuracy compared to unquantized models. We also demonstrate that standard modifications, such as bias correction and mixed precision quantization, further improve accuracy.
Subjects: Machine Learning (cs.LG); Artificial Intelligence (cs.AI); Machine Learning (stat.ML)
Cite as: arXiv:2201.11113 [cs.LG]
  (or arXiv:2201.11113v2 [cs.LG] for this version)

Submission history

From: Jinjie Zhang [view email]
[v1] Wed, 26 Jan 2022 18:47:38 GMT (638kb,D)
[v2] Fri, 22 Jul 2022 16:41:24 GMT (1014kb,D)

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