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High Energy Physics - Phenomenology

Title: Light stringy states and the $g-2$ of the muon

Abstract: In this work, we evaluate the contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon ($(g-2)_{\mu}$) coming from light stringy states in a D-brane semi-realistic configuration. A scalar which couples only to the muon can have a mass sufficiently light to provide a significant contribution to the $(g-2)_{\mu}$. This scenario can arise in intersecting D-brane models, where such light scalars correspond to the first stringy excitations of an open string stretched between two D-branes intersecting with a very small angle. In this article, we show that there is a region in the space of the geometric parameters of the internal manifold where such scalar light stringy states can explain (part) of the observed discrepancy in the $(g-2)_{\mu}$. In a low string scale framework with $M_s\sim 10~{\rm TeV}$, we show that an excited Higgs with mass $\mathcal{O}(250~{\rm MeV})$, living in an intersection with an angle of order $\mathcal{O}(10^{-10})$, can provide a significant contribution of one-tenth of the $(g-2)_{\mu}$ discrepancy. This leads to a lower bound for the compact dimension where the branes intersect of order $\mathcal{O}(10^{-8}~{\rm GeV}^{-1})$. We also study patterns in D-brane configurations that realize our proposal, both in three and four stacks models.
Comments: 26 pages, 9 figures. Published version
Subjects: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology (hep-ph); High Energy Physics - Theory (hep-th)
Cite as: arXiv:2209.11152 [hep-ph]
  (or arXiv:2209.11152v2 [hep-ph] for this version)

Submission history

From: François Rondeau [view email]
[v1] Thu, 22 Sep 2022 16:53:25 GMT (2876kb,D)
[v2] Thu, 24 Nov 2022 09:27:51 GMT (2875kb,D)

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