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Condensed Matter > Strongly Correlated Electrons

Title: On the origin of multiple ordered phases in PrFe4P12

Abstract: The nature of multiple electronic orders in skutterudite PrFe_4P_{12} is discussed on the basis of a model with antiferro-quadrupole (AFQ) interaction of \Gamma_3 symmetry. The high-field phase can be reproduced qualitatively provided (i) ferro-type interactions are introduced between the dipoles as well as between the octupoles of localized f-electrons, and (ii) separation is vanishingly small between the \Gamma_1-\Gamma_4^{(1)} crystalline electric field (CEF) levels. The high-field phase can have either the same ordering vector q=(1,0,0) as in the low-field phase, or a different one q=0 depending on the parameters. In the latter case, distortion of the crystal perpendicular to the (111) axis is predicted. The corresponding anomaly in elastic constants should also appear. The electrical resistivity is calculated with account of scattering within the CEF quasi-quartet. It is found that the resistivity as a function of the direction of magnetic field shows a sharp maximum around the (111) axis at low temperatures because of the level crossing.
Comments: 16 pages, 5 figures
Subjects: Strongly Correlated Electrons (cond-mat.str-el)
DOI: 10.1143/JPSJ.74.2530
Cite as: arXiv:cond-mat/0504014 [cond-mat.str-el]
  (or arXiv:cond-mat/0504014v2 [cond-mat.str-el] for this version)

Submission history

From: Annamaria Kiss [view email]
[v1] Fri, 1 Apr 2005 02:17:45 GMT (89kb)
[v2] Mon, 27 Jun 2005 07:12:02 GMT (217kb)

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