arXiv:1911.05900v1 [cs.DB] 14 Nov 2019


Big data processing is now widely employed in all aspects of our lives. Usually, parts or copies of a huge amount of data are stored in separate locations, and is infeasible to be collected and processed in a centralized manner, as it would be exceedingly inefficient to transfer them over the network. We therefore need new software foundations based on which big data can be efficiently analyzed and shared in a distributed way.

A highly relevant research area is bidirectional transformations, which provide a reliable mechanism for data synchronization. The study of bidirectional transformations originates from the long-standing problem of view updating in databases, and has led to a rich collection of bidirectional languages with new programming models tailored for data synchronization. Despite the potential in solving practical synchronization problems including data interoperability, bidirectional technologies are not widely employed yet, and most applications of bidirectional transformations remain only proof of concept.

The project "Software Foundations for Interoperability of Autonomic Distributed Data Based on Bidirectional Transformations" started the series of workshops on Software Foundations for Data Interoperability (SFDI) in order to provide forum for the discussion of challenges and technical solutions to address software foundations for data interoperability based on bidirectional transformation. Being the first in the iteration, in March 2018, the workshop invited many internationally renowned researchers to have intensive discussions on the direction of the project. The second iteration took place in Kyoto, in February 2019, presenting four papers and two keynote talks.

This volume contains the papers presented at the Third Workshop on Software Foundations for Data Interoperability (SFDI2019+) held on October 28, 2019, in Fukuoka, co-located with the 11th Asia-Pasific Symposium on Internetware (Internetware 2019). One regular paper and six short papers have been accepted for presentation, each of which has its unique ideas and/or interesting results on interoperability of autonomic distributed data. Moreover, SFDI2019+ featured two keynote talks by Hiroyuki Seki (Nagoya University) and Zinovy Diskin (McMaster University), which introduce concepts and directions novel to the series of SFDI workshops so far.

Finally, we would like to thank all authors, reviewers, speakers, and participants for making this workshop happen. We appreciate the kind support of Jianjun Zhao and Yaokai Feng, who are General Co-Chair and Local Arrangement Co-Chair of Intenetware 2019, respectively. We are also thankful to EasyChair system, which is useful for managing submissions and reviews. We acknowledge the support by the JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S) No. 17H06099 and (A) No. 18H04093.


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Table of Contents

Invited Talks

Quantitative Information Flow – An Introduction
Hiroyuki Seki (Nagoya University)

Update Propagation Over a Network: Multi-ary Delta Lenses, Tiles, and Categories
Zinovy Diskin (McMaster University)


Trading Location Data with Bounded Personalized Privacy Loss (short paper)
Shuyuan Zheng (Kyoto University), Yang Cao (Kyoto University), and Masatoshi Yoshikawa (Kyoto University)

Towards a Complete Picture of Lens Laws (regular paper)
Keisuke Nakano (Tohoku University)

Complexity Results on Register Pushdown Automata (short paper)
Ryoma Senda (Nagoya University), Yoshiaki Takata (Kochi University of Technology), and Hiroyuki Seki (Nagoya University)

Analyzing Trade-offs in Reversible Linear and Binary Search Algorithms (short paper)
Hiroki Masuda (Nanzan University) and Tetsuo Yokoyama (Nanzan University)

Toward a view-based data cleaning architecture (short paper)
Toshiyuki Shimizu (Kyoto University), Hiroki Omori (Kyoto University), and Masatoshi Yoshikawa (Kyoto University)

Toward Co-existing Database Schemas based on Bidirectional Transformation (short paper)
Jumpei Tanaka (SOKENDAI), Van-Dang Tran (SOKENDAI / National Institute of Informatics), Hiroyuki Kato (National Institute of Informatics), and Zhenjiang Hu (Peking University / National Institute of Informatics)

Distributed transaction management for P2P-based update propagation (short paper)
Makoto Onizuka (Osaka University), Yusuke Wakuta (Osaka University), Yuya Sasaki (Osaka University),and Chuan Xiao (Osaka University)