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Advances in Cognitive System 2021 Proceedings

Program Chairs: Mark Burstein, Mohan Sridharan, David McDonald

Virtual, November 15 - November 18 , 2021

Computational Metacognition
Michael Cox, Zahiduddin Mohammad, Sravya Kondrakunta, Venkatsampath Raja Gogineni, Dustin Dannenhauer, Othalia Larue
(paper ACS2021/01 )
Active Observer Visual Problem-Solving Methods are Dynamically Hypothesized, Deployed and Tested
Markus Solbach, John Tsotsos
(paper ACS2021/03 )
Knowledge Engineering in the Long Game of Artificial Intelligence: The Case of Speech Acts
Marjorie McShane, Jesse English, Sergei Nirenburg
(paper ACS2021/04 )
An Analysis and Comparison of ACT-R and Soar
John Laird
(paper ACS2021/06 )
The Rational Selection of Goal Operations and the Integration of Search Strategies with Goal-Driven Autonomy
Sravya Kondrakunta, Venkatsampath Raja Gogineni, Michael Cox, Demetris Coleman, Xiabao Tan, Tony Lin, Mengxue Hou, Fumin Zhang, Frank McQuarrie, Catherine Edwards
(paper ACS2021/08 )
Deep Goal Reasoning: An Analysis
Weihang Yuan, Hector Munoz-Avila
(paper ACS2021/09 )
Language Models as a Knowledge Source for Cognitive Agents
Robert Wray, James Kirk, John Laird
(paper ACS2021/13 )
Scales and Hedges in a Logic with Analogous Semantics
Hedda R. Schmidtke, Sara Coelho
(paper ACS2021/14 )
Towards a Cognitive Model of Collaborative Memory
Willa Mannering, Suparna Rajaram, Michael Jones
(paper ACS2021/15 )
Learning Norms via Natural Language Teachings
Taylor Olson, Kenneth Forbus
(paper ACS2021/17 )
The Impact of Partner Expressions on Felt Emotion in the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma: An Event-level Analysis
Maria Angelika-Nikita, Celso de Melo, Kazunori Terada, Gale Lucas, Jonathan Gratch
(paper ACS2021/24 )
Hierarchical Problem Networks for Knowledge-Based Planning
Pat Langley, Howard Shrobe
(paper ACS2021/28 )
Self-directed Learning of Action Models using Exploratory Planning
Dustin Dannenhauer, Matthew Molineaux, Michael Floyd, Noah Reifsnyder Reifsnyder, David Aha
(paper ACS2021/29 )
Scaling Challenges in Explanatory Reasoning
Pat Langley and Mohan Sridharan
(paper ACS2021/33 )
OpenMIND: Planning and Adapting in Domains with Novelty
David Musliner, Michael Pelican, Matthew McLure, Steven Johnston, Richard Freedman, Corey Knutson
(paper ACS2021/35 )
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Automatic Item Generation of Figural Analogy Problems: A Review and Outlook
Yuan Yang, Deepayan Sanyal, Joel Michelson, James Ainooson, Maithilee Kunda
(paper ACS2021/02 )
Language Generation for Broad-Coverage, Explainable Cognitive Systems
Marjorie McShane, Ivan Leon
(paper ACS2021/05 )
Physical Reasoning in an Open World
Zhuoran Zeng, Ernest Davis
(paper ACS2021/07 )
Lensing Machines: Representing Perspective in Latent Variable Models
Karthik Dinakar, Henry Lieberman
(paper ACS2021/10 )
An Initial Description of Capabilities and Constraints for Designing a Computational Auditory System (an Artificial Ear) for Cognitive Architectures
Frank Ritter, Mathieu Brener, Jeffrey Bolkhovsky
(paper ACS2021/11 )
Operationalizing Tactical Representations
Thomas Hinrichs, Kenneth Forbus
(paper ACS2021/16 )
Task Modifiers for HTN Planning and Acting
Weihang Yuan, Hector Munoz-Avila, Venkatsampath Gogineni, Sravya Kondrakunta, Michael Cox, Lifang He
(paper ACS2021/18 )
Structural Alignment as an Abductive Integer Linear Programming Problem
Clifton McFate
(paper ACS2021/19 )
Signature Entrenchment and Conceptual Changes in Automated Theory Repair
Xue Li, Alan Bundy, Eugene Philalithis
(paper ACS2021/20 )
From Unstructured Text to Causal Knowledge Graphs: A Transformer-Based Approach
Scott Friedman, Ian Magnusson, Vasanth Sarathy and Sonja Schmer-Galunder
(paper ACS2021/21 )
An explainability analysis of a sentiment prediction task using a transformer-based attention filter
Neşet Özkan Tan, Joshua Bensemann, Diana Benavides-Prado, Yang Chen, Mark Gahegan, Lia Lee, Alex Yuxuan Peng, Patricia Riddle, Michael Witbrock
(paper ACS2021/22 )
Finding Trolls Under Bridges: Preliminary Work on a Motif Detector
W. Victor H. Yarlott, Armando Ochoa, Anurag Acharya, Laurel Bobrow, Diego Castro Estrada, Diana Gomez, Joan Zheng, David McDonald, Chris Miller, Mark Finlayson
(paper ACS2021/23 )
A Computational Perspective on Some Cognitive Illusions
Kenneth Forbus
(paper ACS2021/25 )
A System for Image Understanding using Sensemaking and Narrative
Zev Battad, Mei Si
(paper ACS2021/26 )
Convolutional Cobweb: A Model of Incremental Learning from 2D Images
Christopher Maclellan and Harshil Thakur
(paper ACS2021/30 )
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