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The nlin archive (01/00)

The older nlin-sys archives (adap-org chao-dyn comp-gas patt-sol solv-int) have been subsumed into the new nlin archive. The nlin archive has the same features as the current archives (searching, subscribing, web downloading and so on) with one important addition: Authors must include a Subj-class header, chosen from a canonical list. This must be done with the select menu available on the web submission form; please also consult our abstract preparation help. You may subscribe to any subset of classifications; see our nlin subscription help. In this sense, each subject class functions as the old archive. This also makes it very easy to expand the archive by adding new subject classifications.

The current list of subject classifications includes:

(We have included the existing archives adap-org chao-dyn comp-gas patt-sol and solv-int as subject classifications. Old papers will be available as always, but new papers will be routed automatically to the nlin archive with the appropriate Subj-class.)

The nlin archive was re-organized on Jan 1 2000. Send any comments or suggestions for possible reorganization of the subject classes to www-admin@arXiv.org.