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Nuclear Experiment

Title: An experimental program with high duty-cycle polarized and unpolarized positron beams at Jefferson Lab

Authors: A. Accardi, A. Afanasev, I. Albayrak, S.F. Ali, M. Amaryan, J.R.M. Annand, J. Arrington, A. Asaturyan, H. Atac, H. Avakian, T. Averett, C. Ayerbe Gayoso, X. Bai, L. Barion, M. Battaglieri, V. Bellini, R. Beminiwattha, F. Benmokhtar, V.V. Berdnikov, J.C. Bernauer, V. Bertone, A. Bianconi, A. Biselli, P. Bisio, P. Blunden, M. Boer, M. Bondì, K.-T. Brinkmann, W.J. Briscoe, V. Burkert, T. Cao, A. Camsonne, R. Capobianco, L. Cardman, M. Carmignotto, M. Caudron, L. Causse, A. Celentano, P. Chatagnon, J.-P. Chen, T. Chetry, G. Ciullo, E. Cline, P.L. Cole, M. Contalbrigo, G. Costantini, A. D'Angelo, L. Darmé, D. Day, M. Defurne, M. De Napoli, A. Deur, R. De Vita, N. D'Hose, S. Diehl, M. Diefenthaler, B. Dongwi, R. Dupré, H. Dutrieux, D. Dutta, M. Ehrhart, L. El Fassi, L. Elouadrhiri,
R. Ent, J. Erler, I.P. Fernando, A. Filippi, D. Flay, T. Forest, E. Fuchey, S. Fucini, Y. Furletova, H. Gao, D. Gaskell, A. Gasparian, T. Gautam, F.-X. Girod, K. Gnanvo, J. Grames, G.N. Grauvoge, P. Gueye, M. Guidal, S. Habet, T.J. Hague, D.J. Hamilton, O. Hansen, D. Hasell, M. Hattawy, D.W. Higinbotham, A. Hobart, T. Horn, C.E. Hyde, H. Ibrahim, A. Ilyichev, A. Italiano, K. Joo, S.J. Joosten, V. Khachatryan, N. Kalantarians, G. Kalicy, B. Karky, D. Keller, C. Keppel, M. Kerver, M. Khandaker, A. Kim, J. Kim, P.M. King, E. Kinney, V. Klimenko, H.-S. Ko, M. Kohl, V. Kozhuharov, B.T. Kriesten, G. Krnjaic, V. Kubarovsky, T. Kutz, L. Lanza, M. Leali, P. Lenisa, N. Liyanage, Q. Liu, S. Liuti, J. Mammei, S. Mantry, D. Marchand, P. Markowitz, L. Marsicano, V. Mascagna, M. Mazouz, M. McCaughan, B. McKinnon, D. McNulty, W. Melnitchouk, A. Metz, Z.-E. Meziani, S. Migliorati, M. Mihovilovic, R. Milner, A. Mkrtchyan, H. Mkrtchyan, A. Movsisyan, H. Moutarde, M. Muhoza, C. Muñoz Camacho, J. Murphy, P. Nadel-Turonski, E. Nardi, J. Nazeer, S. Niccolai, G. Niculescu, R. Novotny, J.F. Owens, M. Paolone, L. Pappalardo, R. Paremuzyan, B. Pasquini, E. Pasyuk, T. Patel, I. Pegg, C. Peng, D. Perera, M. Poelker, K. Price, A.J.R. Puckett, M. Raggi, N. Randazzo, M.N.H. Rashad, M. Rathnayake, B. Raue, P.E. Reimer, M. Rinaldi, A. Rizzo, Y. Roblin, J. Roche, O. Rondon-Aramayo, F. Sabatié, G. Salmè, E. Santopinto, R. Santos Estrada, B. Sawatzky, A. Schmidt, P. Schweitzer, S. Scopetta, V. Sergeyeva, M. Shabestari, A. Shahinyan, Y. Sharabian, S. Širca, E.S. Smith, D. Sokhan, A. Somov, N. Sparveris, M. Spata, H. Spiesberger, M. Spreafico, S. Stepanyan, P. Stoler, I. Strakovsky, R. Suleiman, M. Suresh, P. Sznajder, H. Szumila-Vance, V. Tadevosyan, A.S. Tadepalli, A.W. Thomas, M. Tiefenback, R. Trotta, M. Ungaro, P. Valente, M. Vanderhaeghen, L. Venturelli, H. Voskanyan, E. Voutier, B. Wojtsekhowski, M.H. Wood, S. Wood, J. Xie, W. Xiong, Z. Ye, M. Yurov, H.-G. Zaunick, S. Zhamkochyan, J. Zhang, S. Zhang, S. Zhao, Z.W. Zhao, X. Zheng, J. Zhou, C. Zorn
et al. (167 additional authors not shown)
Abstract: Positron beams, both polarized and unpolarized, are identified as essential ingredients for the experimental programs at the next generation of lepton accelerators. In the context of the hadronic physics program at Jefferson Lab (JLab), positron beams are complementary, even essential, tools for a precise understanding of the electromagnetic structure of nucleons and nuclei, in both the elastic and deep-inelastic regimes. For instance, elastic scattering of polarized and unpolarized electrons and positrons from the nucleon enables a model independent determination of its electromagnetic form factors. Also, the deeply-virtual scattering of polarized and unpolarized electrons and positrons allows unambiguous separation of the different contributions to the cross section of the lepto-production of photons and of lepton-pairs, enabling an accurate determination of the nucleons and nuclei generalized parton distributions, and providing an access to the gravitational form factors. Furthermore, positron beams offer the possibility of alternative tests of the Standard Model of particle physics through the search of a dark photon, the precise measurement of electroweak couplings, and the investigation of charged lepton flavor violation. This document discusses the perspectives of an experimental program with high duty-cycle positron beams at JLab.
Comments: 18 pages, 7 figures This version superseeds the previous version which scientific content was decomposed into several more elaborated articles. All of these articles will be collected in the EPJ A Topical Issue about "Positron beam and physics at Jefferson Lab (e+@Jlab)"
Subjects: Nuclear Experiment (nucl-ex); High Energy Physics - Experiment (hep-ex); High Energy Physics - Phenomenology (hep-ph)
DOI: 10.1140/epja/s10050-021-00564-y
Cite as: arXiv:2007.15081 [nucl-ex]
  (or arXiv:2007.15081v2 [nucl-ex] for this version)

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From: Eric Voutier [view email]
[v1] Wed, 29 Jul 2020 19:57:47 GMT (12772kb,D)
[v2] Fri, 21 May 2021 11:17:55 GMT (777kb,D)

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