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Mathematics > Algebraic Geometry

Title: Trilinear birational maps in dimension three

Abstract: A 3-dimensional trilinear birational map is a rational map $\phi: (\mathbb{P}_\mathbb{C}^1)^3 \dashrightarrow \mathbb{P}_\mathbb{C}^3$ whose entries are trilinear polynomials in three distinct pairs of variables, which admits an inverse rational map. In this work, we prove that the set of classes of trilinear birational maps, up to composition with an automorphism of $\mathbb{P}_\mathbb{C}^3$, is an algebraic subset of some Grassmannian, and we describe its irreducible components. Additionally, we provide the complete list of possible base loci for $\phi$, up to isomorphism. Finally, we describe the syzygies of the entries that define $\phi$, and prove that one can decide birationality by looking exclusively at the first syzygies.
Comments: 26 pages, 1 figure
Subjects: Algebraic Geometry (math.AG); Commutative Algebra (math.AC)
Cite as: arXiv:2203.00656 [math.AG]
  (or arXiv:2203.00656v2 [math.AG] for this version)

Submission history

From: Laurent Busé [view email]
[v1] Tue, 1 Mar 2022 18:03:23 GMT (214kb,D)
[v2] Fri, 4 Mar 2022 10:01:52 GMT (214kb,D)

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