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The arXiv moderation system

arXiv is a forum for professional members of the scientific community. While arXiv prides itself on maintaining a permanent collection of scientific work that is made available to the public quickly and without cost to users, submissions to arXiv do require some minimal amount of moderation.

Why does arXiv moderate submissions?

arXiv is distinct from the web as a whole, because arXiv contains exclusively scientific research content. Although arXiv is open to submissions from the scientific communities, our team has worked behind the scenes for a long time to ensure the quality of our content. Our policy is:

arXiv is an openly accessible, moderated repository for scholarly papers in specific scientific disciplines. Material submitted to arXiv is expected to be of interest, relevance, and value to those disciplines. arXiv reserves the right to reject or reclassify any submission.

Moderation helps to ensure that arXiv content is relevant to current research at much lower cost than conventional peer-reviewed journals, so we can continue to offer free access to the scientific community and the general public. Although our system may be imperfect, submissions that are determined to be inappropriate for arXiv may be still be posted on other sites or submitted to peer-reviewed journals.

What suggestions do moderators make?

The arXiv moderators are experts in their fields and in the types of submissions that are appropriate for their subject classifications. They evaluate based on the content of the submission and the policies of arXiv.

arXiv moderators may recommend reclassification or removal of a submission. Reclassification is frequently suggested for subject classifications that are highly similar, in order to make sure that submissions are posted first to the most appropriate archive. Cross-lists may then be suggested for other archives that are also appropriate classifications. A submission that is cross-listed to another archive will still be announced in the mailings to the alternative archive.

arXiv moderators will suggest the removal of a submission that violates arXiv policies in some way. Potential reasons for removal are:

Can I appeal a moderation decision?

If you disagree with a moderation decision, you should submit an appeal that explains clearly and succinctly what your arguments are.

The appeals process allows moderators additional time to reconsider a submission, but repeated appeals with no additional information cannot be considered. If you send an appeal and the moderators reach the same decision as they did initially, no further appeal should be submitted. Extreme cases may be addressed to the appropriate advisory committee chair only.

Who are the arXiv moderators?

arXiv moderators are volunteer subject specialists who have been approved by their discipline-level advisory committees and by arXiv staff.

Although the moderators may be publicly acknowledged, it is very inappropriate to contact any moderator directly regarding your submission. All communication about moderation decisions should be addressed to moderation@arxiv.org or, in extreme cases, the appropriate advisory committee chair. Moderators are encouraged not to reply to personal correspondence regarding arXiv submissions.