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arXiv Business Support and Governance Model

In January 2010, Cornell University Library (CUL) undertook a three-year planning effort to establish a long-term sustainable support model for arXiv, one that reduced arXiv's financial burden and dependence on a single institution and transitioned it to a collaboratively governed, community-supported resource. CUL identified institutions worldwide where the use of arXiv was most active and worked collaboratively with them to develop a membership and governance model based on voluntary institutional contributions. A formal long-term plan took effect in January 2013. In this new model, arXiv is supported by libraries and research laboratories worldwide that represent arXiv's heaviest users, as well as by CUL and generous matching funds from the Simons Foundation.

Please see the arXiv public wiki for details about the arXiv support and governance model

arXiv Membership Program - FAQ

Donations to arXiv

For questions related to institutional contributions or the sustainability initiative, please contact arXiv at support@arxiv.org. For technical or moderation queries please contact arXiv administrators .